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Discussion – Marketing Trends & Style

The difference between marketing trends and style is often up for debate and in this instance, we’re putting our case forward for integrating the two when it comes to delivering effective marketing strategies.

Trends are a force for good. They can be fickle and fleeting and fraught with peril, but they are also the reason why so many self-publishing platforms have influenced brand strategy and how more so than ever, we can effectively reach our target audiences.  Trends empower us to adapt, refresh, evolve and move on.  If we choose to embrace communication trends without clear strategy, reasoning and direction, we stand to lose.


This brings us to style, that alloy of taste and habit that is timeless and authentic and wholly unique to each marketing campaign. Too much style on its own can be bad. It can leave us rigid, stale and resistant to change; it can trap us in the past and lead us to focus on communicating through platforms that might not yield the best results or be the best strategic fit for our objectives. In being so convinced of our own sense of rightness, we must be careful not to miss the wrongness of what we’re doing.

For style to succeed — for it to thrive through the singularity of its combinations and the superiority of its own craftsmanship — it needs to belong in the present moment and needs a little help from trends.

Trends and style are different, but they’re far more interconnected than most of us are consciously aware. Jumping on trend bandwagons without contemplating style can be reckless. Style without trends can be irrelevant.

For a marketing campaign to be most effective, we need to embrace not one or the other but both. And this is the approach we are proud to adopt at Twist.

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We know the importance and value of getting your brand in front of people’s eyes on Google, so we use our expertise in SEO to drive organic search rankings and website traffic to help our clients become more discoverable online. We also include SEO packages into every website we build too.

We have an excellent track record in SEO for tailoring online and offline marketing campaigns that improve website performance, and use our skills and knowledge of Google’s algorithms to help our clients rank higher in Google search that ultimately provide improved conversion rates.

Web Development

We design Wordpress websites in ways that captivate audiences with beautiful visuals and UI to keep them immersed in your site. The look and feel of the websites we design are intended to inspire, with user-friendliness being at the core of each design to achieving conversion. 

As a UK based web design agency, we firmly believe that balancing these two aspects of design results provides the greatest user experience.


Anyone who has an influence over your target audience is an influencer. Whether influential in business, sport, leisure or celebrity circles we have an enviable track record of matchmaking those influencers with your brand. An influencer only has influence if the content they’re sharing or conversations they are having is relevant to what their audiences want to see and hear, which is why we always put the audience first when matchmaking brands with an influencer.

We also understand the power of micro influencers and how long term brand partnerships can generate a healthy ROI.

If you’re curious about whether influencer marketing is right for your brand, get in touch and we’ll talk you through our experience and find the best routes suited to your audience. 


Insight is about making sense of what people want, how they feel and using this information to create truly engaging brand strategies that lead to the power of conversation about your brand. A brand is not what you tell your audiences it is, it’s what they tell each so the power of conversation should never been underestimated.

Twist helps brands to bring insight to life by making sense of the customer to develop campaigns that inspire and create conversations.


With an insightful, strategic and proactive approach to producing creative content, we invest time to understand our clients’ visions, values and identity so the content we create trumps a thousand words. We are here to help set up and liaise on photography and videography opportunities to propel your brand into the media and social spotlight.

From portraits of your team, to atmospheric vibes that reach far and wide on social, to tempt the glossies and inspire editorial inclusion, we can help come up with ideas for capturing the right moment, so when people see it, they will stop, think and want to know “where’s that”, “what’s that” and “I want that”! And even better… we want our content to create conversations for your brand.


Our graphic designers are bursting with ideas to bring your brand to life with standout and eye-catching creative. 

Whether we create campaign content, bring a new brand to life, energise brand identity or come up with compelling creative ideas to turn your vision into a fun visual story, our team are here to support.

Social Media

In a fast-moving digital world, it can be hard to keep up. Our team are on hand to help position and keep your brand front of mind, and for reaching new audiences with a multichannel strategy that covers all social-media bases. 

We’ll set goals to measure authentic content that’s on-message, on-trend and on the right channel. And with regular reporting, we’ll help you react and adapt to keep those click-through and engagement rates rising.


From sparkling copy and video scripts to media pitches, product placement and press release distribution, we use word power to pack a story-telling punch. Our talented team can support you with skilfully crafting distinctive story ideas that capture journalist’s attention, as well as preparing feature articles and setting up interviews.

Whether we write, distribute or come up with the news hook, Twist has built enviable relationships with journalists and are on hand to connect these journalists with your brand. We jump on topical conversations, as well as reacting to media enquiries to build and maintain a regular drumbeat of brand mentions for you in the public domain.