Influencer Campaign: The world's highest high tea - Noveltea

The Challenge

Twist worked with Newcastle-based alcoholic drinks producer NOVELTEA since its creation, placing their incredible infusions of tea and alcohol in multiple regional and national titles. Having created their own niche market, NOVELTEA were looking at innovative ways to pitch their pioneering products to outlets and end consumers through omni-channel campaigns.


August 2019




Influencer Campaign


Our Approach


Twist introduced the idea of pitching NOVELTEA as an alternative beverage to enjoy with the widely-adored afternoon tea tradition. We then worked with NOVELTEA on their new relationship with The Florist to incorporate their products into the restaurant chain’s new concept, ‘High Tea’ (a more savoury version of afternoon tea not confined to any time of day).

IDEA. Let’s pull off the world’s highest ‘High Tea’. On top of England’s tallest mountain…

Twist then got to work planning the logistics; how on earth are we going to host a full high tea spread on top of Scafell Pike? Through careful equipment sourcing, itinerary planning and liaison between content producers and the National Park, Twist took a team of influencers and representatives from both brands to England’s tallest peek and sculpted a high tea spread that mirrored what customers could expect to see in The Florist’s restaurants.

Flyers and servings of hot NOVELTEA were also dished out to happy hikers at the summit!

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